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Why Facebook videos are the latest fad amongst marketers?

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According to Mark Zuckerberg (CEO, Facebook), Facebook reportedly has almost one billion video views every single day which makes us pretty sure that the future of social networking would be dependent on videos alone. It has been estimated a whopping 260% increment of video posts by people or businesses with every passing year. Just scroll down through your news feed and you will find videos of every kind strewn all over. With the rising vogue of videos on Facebook, businesses are trying to skilfully incorporate them into marketing strategies. Here are the top 3 reasons why businesses are resorting to Facebook video distribution:

1. More and more consumers are opting for Facebook videos:

Consumers are far more engaged with video posts than the ones with texts and images. Around half of all Facebook visitors watch at least one video per day. Facebook being the most popular social networking platform in the world, people find it convenient for posting, watching, as well as sharing videos there. Businesses are now posting videos directly on Facebook, rather than uploading on Youtube first and then sharing.

2. It’s cheaper and easier than you think:

You don’t need a host of state of the art gadgets to shoot a video and upload it on social networking sites. Simply create professional quality videos using smartphones and easy DIY video tools. Videos of products, customer testimonials, in the making videos, behind-the-scenes footage etc. can be created with ease without any professional videography techniques, and still be shareable.

More often than not, businesses don’t really require a big budget to advertise their products and services. Facebook enables you to target your most relevant and nearest customers (which in turn saves you from ‘promoting videos’ costs to people who would not probably use your products) and track viewership.

3. Mobile auto-play for Facebook:

Wondering what makes videos so endearing to marketers? Why are photos, links and texts not that impactful as videos on Facebook? Facebook streams video on auto play mode on mobile phones which is the reason why 65% of video views are from mobile devices. Furthermore, videos tend to engage viewers in the first few seconds of auto play, while texts or images are not able to capture viewer’s attention that effectively.

Armed with newly launched set of tools and features, Facebook has empowered consumers and businesses alike to share and discover videos instantly. Facebook has made its foray into the world of online videos, and businesses who are grabbing this opportunity to market their services will surely benefit a lot more than those who don’t.

Sudeshna Negi

Sudeshna Negi

Communication specialist at Innovative Incentives Pvt Lts, a creative taskmaster adroit in marketing communications and creative content writing.

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