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How to build everlasting customer relationships in 3 simple steps:

customer relationship management

Often, it doesn’t require much thought and consideration before buying cheap and simple consumables and that includes buyers’ intentions of interchangeability of products and services as well. Interchangeability is recognised as the death knell for a business. If you want your brand to be promising enough to customers, you got to find memorable and useful tactics to achieve the same.

It could be a decision taken during an emergency situation like purchasing a new fax machine for the department because it was on sale and absolutely necessary. Or a clueless newbie who accidentally acquired a corporate credit card that everyone had forgotten about and created a bigger mess by doing so. Both the scenarios do not picture the right way to choose your products, and neither they create nor sustain a meaningful customer relationship. They were born out of rash and impulsive decisions under pressure or lack of knowledge and hence do not give way to customer delight and euphoria. Every marketer wants to invest every rupee with the pure intention of retaining loyal customers for as long as possible.

What steps must be taken to ensure that your product or service will be considered and chosen thoughtfully by your customers that will result in a meaningful and everlasting customer relationship? These 3 steps will help you achieve that:

1) Know your customers:

Primarily, for embarking on an everlasting customer relationship every marketer should first focus on knowing their customers to get a better understanding of how you can serve them. Get acquainted with them, call them and speak to them, connect with them through social media, listen to their needs and expectations – do whatever it takes to understand them better. That’s the thumb rule to develop meaningful customer relationships and maintain a steady pool of loyal customer database.

2) Get helpful and be likeable:

You cannot force someone to like and enjoy your products and services, but you can always remove the negative prejudice attached with your brands from the minds of potential customers that might possibly refrain them from trying your brand. Positive interactions with your customers definitely create a good impression of your brand. Be creative, think out of the box and come up with brilliant ideas to generate customer euphoria. Excellent customer service must become a habit, and if done right your brand is sure to build everlasting and meaningful customer relationships.

3) Be trustworthy:

It has been proven time and again that trust is definitely the key to building brand loyalty and advocacy. Win your customer’s trust by showing that you care and that you are there to help whenever they need any assistance with your products or services. It often takes months, even years to build trust among customers, but a small act of ignorance or carelessness can cost you with permanent loss of their trust and faith in you. Delight them with rewards and benefits from time to time. A loyalty program will be beneficial in gaining their long-term trust and advocacy. Gestures line sending a thank you note, wishing on special occasions and festivals also creates customer euphoria and build trust.

Sudeshna Negi

Sudeshna Negi

Communication specialist at Innovative Incentives Pvt Lts, a creative taskmaster adroit in marketing communications and creative content writing.

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