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How to improve CRM in 4 easy steps:

customer relationship management

Without customer loyalty and brand advocacy, you really can’t succeed in your business; whether it is a startup launch or your fifth year of business. Steve Jobs rightly said that customers never know until they see it; therefore, mastering the art of delivering customer satisfaction by responding to every customer request respectfully is extremely crucial. All this can be achieved by adept use of customer relationship management (CRM) skills which will help you understand your customers a lot better and solidify your relationship with them.

These 4 simple tips will help you manage the intricacy of customer relationship management (CRM), delight your customers and help grow your business:

1. Encourage word-of-mouth referrals

Time and again word of mouth referrals have testified to be the crucial generators of marketing communication. Although, in this digital era, everyone interacts mostly on smartphones, computers, or tablets instead of communicating in person, yet, when it comes to making decisions related to what to buy and where to buy, most people still resort to word of mouth referrals. It is undoubtedly the best marketing tactic that guarantees return on investment. Today, in a well-connected world, word-of-mouth referrals are confined to online reviews, recommendations and it’s various forms. Even social media is becoming increasingly popular for feedbacks these days.

2. Listen to frustrated customers, their feedbacks can improve your business

To gain something big, you have to let go of a few. Be geared to receive negative feedbacks throughout your journey. Do not ignore them at any cost. Listen intently and act upon every single negative feedback, even if they are just 2% of your total feedbacks, which means 98% must’ve been good. Put yourself in their perspective and try to solve the matter in the most amicable manner. By responding to negative feedbacks and getting proactive about it, you might end up turning the most annoying customer to your biggest fan and evangelist.

3. Honesty is always the best policy

Even if things go wrong with your CRM, always be honest and transparent about it. Smaller businesses have a major advantage over bigger ones by being able to cater through a real person and not an automated voice that saves up on a customer’s time and hence tend to increase loyalty. Customers can be quite accommodating and understanding if you’re honest with them right from the very start. Do not over-promise and set unattainable expectations, because if you do your business will surely exhaust in the long run. There is no second chance to win customer’s trust. Having an active customer feedback loop that is open minded and proactive improves CRM significantly.

4. Follow up with your customers regularly

Great customer relationship management does not end after creating a great customer experience, and in order to use it advantageously, businesses must keep a track of customers post-transactions as well. Simple acts of showing that you care like sending a birthday card or wishing through emails and messages on special occasions and festivals helps in maintaining a loyal customer database. While it’s important to be proactive about your ranters, do not forget to acknowledge your ravers in the process. After all, they are ones who would ultimately help your business grow.

Sudeshna Negi

Sudeshna Negi

Communication specialist at Innovative Incentives Pvt Lts, a creative taskmaster adroit in marketing communications and creative content writing.

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